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JWKirpestein_power-of-your-sourceThe Power Of Your Source: About the impact of consciousness in your personal and professional development

This book is a profound meditation on inner strength, intuition and personal freedom. The Power of Your Source is full of fascinating true stories, myths and anecdotes which engage the reader whilst subtly guiding them. It gives voice to the struggle of the authentic self to become liberated in personal and professional life. This book describes pathways of liberation by bringing myths of Psyche and Aphrodite in dialogue with real life stories. Jan Willem Kirpestein (1959) studied theology and history. He improved himself also in Jungian psychology and analysis. Jan Willem is known for helping multinational and local companies boost corporate performance through transformational changes in executives and staff. As a leadership coach, board advisor and architect of personal and organizational development, he generates breakthroughs in cooperation among leaders, teams and stakeholders. He is currently the director of Spirit Heart &Mind Corpus which he founded in 2004. Prior to this he worked as a reverend in the Reformed Church of The Netherlands.

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